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Assassins Creed: Blood Brothers

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Assassins Creed: Blood Brothers

Post by Genshin Urara on Mon Oct 25, 2010 3:43 pm

This is a rp based of the popular video game, Assassin creed. And it will be after the events of the 2nd one, and before the events of the 3rd one. Basicly...Ezio alditore, Master of the assassin, has been left with nothing but his skills and his blade...he has to recruit, gather people, who back him up, and help him achieve his goal: Rise of the Creed.

Ezio stumbles across a city where the first thing he sees is a young man taking the sword from a guard, and running off with it. He decides to follow to see how succesfull, and talented this individual is. The man ends up escaping from the guards, and meeting up with another person. They are brothers, and they would make great assassins. After scouting out the rest of the city, Ezio gathers a group of men who have the necessary skills to become part of the creed. After the meeting is held, all four of the men agree to join ezio's cause.


(From left to right: (my character), (J's Character) (open) (open) )

Other characters:


"The dark one"




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